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The fun in Caro, Mich is 3 hours from the state line. If you're coming from out of state, head for I75 at Flint by way of 23 or I69. Stay on I75 which goes north to Saginaw, take a right at the Caro sign (Exit 151) and go 35 minutes on M81 which runs right into Caro. Easy, huh?  75 to 81. We'll all be there!!

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We're sending out a shuttle bus to the East Coast.....hop on for big fun in the Thumb.

Got ahead count yet Terry?


We're looking forward to tomorrow.

Are you in Mich or Ill right now?


Terry....call me at 248-770-5341 so I can have your number "just in case". We're leaving right about.......NOW!

See you soon.


Have a great time, and post some photos/videos of the event!

I took some photos...... I thought... until I realized that I left my memory card in my computer!

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