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Just so you guys know, I am going to TRY very hard to scrap up the money to make it to AEBG this year. There is about a 15% chance, I dearly hope I can make it. I want to terrorize you guys with the 2 songs I can (poorly) play.  Keep your fingers crossed and hope I can't make it. ;-)

At least I know for sure I shall come next year......... I might know 2 more songs by then!

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I hope you can make it to Antietam this year, Canaan.  Think of how much more you'll get out of the next year of playing simply by attending now instead of putting it off for another year!

I know, I have wanted to go awhile!  It would not be a problem if I was not going to Idaho for a week this year, a trip that I cannot set aside.  Traveling costs allot these days.

I hope you can make it too.  It's a unique event in a beautiful old barn full of really nice and very interesting people.  And on the plus side, you have the option of crashing in the barn, which eliminates the need to pay for a hotel.

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