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Man, did you kiss that turtle and get some divine power? You GO man. Sounding great. GET THIS MAN SOME GUT! Sounds wonderful anyway. FANTASTIC looking right hand there buddy.

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I don't know if it's just the way it is today, or my connection here, but I have a lot of problems with the buffering on Lucas' videos. Those not coming from YouTube behave differently.
Seems we need to get us another early banjo gathering together!
I completely agree. When and where do we want to have a conference? Are there any suggestions?
How about Harper's Ferry?
Being a Marylander myself, I heartily agree with a mid-Atlantic meeting. Course, I would try to make it wherever it was. Its been a while for one of these right? Like 2-3 years? Way too long. Any venue thoughts?

Sorry about the video speed. I noticed that too--I dunno.

And yes Tim, that is a South American Torque Turtle, many of these were passed among a minstrel before a performance to increase playing speeds ;D

Thanks fellas, appreciate the compliments :D
Probably be best if we put discussion of a EBG in its own thread, ya reckon?

Louisville, KY is my suggestion. Centrally located (unless you're on the left coast) and full of cool historical venues...side trips could include several banjo luthiers, bourbon makers, etc.
Would that George would opine on having another EBG. Oh George, wherefore art thou, George? Why hast thou forsaken us?

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