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My Bell Boucher kit arrived yesterday. Opened the box couple hrs. ago and just want you to know what a fine and elegant instrument it is. I say elegant because it is. Been around banjo's since I was 8 yrs. old. Saw many an old one but never from the Minstrel era,until I met Peter Szego years back after I moved to N.J. from W.V. Now,thanks to Terry I have a fine looking replica Boucher with a 13 inch ash  pot and long 28 inch scale maple neck. Terry keeps his instruments affordable,and for that alone I heap the praise! Can't wait to get it all sanded and finished and then ,finally, brought to life.Will send pics once it's done. Thanks again Terry.

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Hey Gil, I can't wait to see (and hear it)!!!

Thanks for that post Gil. I agree....and Terry fills a need-AFFORDABLE QUALITY. Having a good instrument to really experience what this genre is all about is crucial. He has put that within reach.

I love my Bell Boucher.....just played an outdoor gig today, and it growled and purred through the repertoire. Beautiful.

Gil... Thanks for posting.  Looking forward to seeing and hearing you new Bell. 

I'm still rubbing them nickels together and saving my pennies for my Bell.   Terry not only builds a very nice Minstrel Banjo... No it's not nice, They are works of art. Not to mention Terry and Dan are both all around good guys.   

Oooooh, Gil.....so exciting!!

You should take photos through each step of making your banjo, and then of course a video of it in action!

Can't wait to see it!   :D

Genford (another member here) and I are both soon in line to get our Bell banjos too!!  Wheeeee!!

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