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Attached is a photo of what are supposedly  Union soldiers watching a group of African American minstrels perform.  Not sure if you all have seen this one before.  Check out how evolved the banjo in this photo is compared to the earlier minstrel banjos.

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I don't think I've seen this one. What's the source, published or private collection?

Great photo.  Nobody looks like they are having much fun...lol.  Though they look like real musicians, It's posed for the photo- with the bones and tambo player in lively position but no one else bothering to 'play' for the photographer.   ;D    Twelve brackets you think?

I found it here:  http://www.ipernity.com/tag/285591/keyword/2242203

I don't know who owns the original.

It looks like a NY School instrument to me with 10 or 12 brackets and a horizontal 5th peg.  

Looks like Tony T. is 'on the case' already:


Interesting that the photo poster says photo taken Aug 1, 1864...so there must be some written info on or attached with it somewhere.

Not meaning to detract from the music/banjo theme of this thread but as it is Civil War related you may want to check out this collection of original Civil War photos. Many are very graphic depictions of the horrors of this war. 

Civil War Photos

Thanks Hugh, a good reminder for all of us.   So terribly sad.

The musician on the far right end looks a lot like a young Lew Snowden.

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