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 anybody make your historical dress?  I want to make a mechanics cap.  There are patterns online,, but about all Ive sewed is a haversack.  any yall?

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I do all my own historic tailoring, and used to run a repro clothing business before I went back to school.  If you can sew a haversack, a mechanics cap will not be hard at all. 

-Adam C.

I have made some of John's clothes and all of mine!  Good pattern and a good fitting muslin really help!

I know Simplicity had a pattern that was well regarded, but it's out of print.  I believe you can still purchase it on line, though.

 I have on cap finished , did a lot of ripping out and starting over. Its not perfect but ok. and have started another,in off white canvas. I think it will be better.  Ill post pics,, maybe Ill get the nerve up to try a sack coat.  Everything Im sewing is by hand though and I bet that would really take some time.

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