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Any suggestion as to how to repair this?

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You could super glue a skin patch over it, but it obviously won't look very nice. And because it's a tacked on head, the tension you lost in that area of the head when it tore can't be restored. Really the only way to repair is to pull the tacks and install a new head. Whether that can be done, or how easy it is, really depends on if the head was glued and what kind of glue was used. If it's glued, after you pull the tacks try heating with a hair dryer. Steam from a tea kettle may also soften the glue. If CA glue was used, you might be able to carefully scrape and sand the head away, sanding until you just get through the skin and get to the gourd surface. The new skin will cover any scuffs you might make.

Curious what others may advise. Good luck...

Thank you!

Not sure of the edge or space you are dealing with. I had torn a skin on one banjo, wetted it and used artificial sinew to stitch up the tear. Played it for a long while before I finally replaced the head. Just a thought.

Thanks Patrick!

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