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Due to a different peg design it is difficulty to suspend a Boucher on the wall. None to the banjo /guitar hangers work, it is difficult to put a strap on. I appreciate any suggestions, I prefer not to keep the banjo in the stand, afraid my 4 year old might damage it. Thanks

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In the past, I have stretched out those wall hangers a little wider and then put it in upside down. Stable, but a little odd.

 On my Bell Boucher I found that it would sit securely in this place. The width of the neck at the point of the ogee is wide enough to keep it pulling through.

I will check out both ways, thanks

I have my Hartel Boucher suspended by the headstock in a Hercules stand.  On all my guitar stands, I wrap leather around the rubber/plastic contact points to ensure that the finish won't react with the padding the manufacturer uses.  With the added girth of the leather, the Boucher works fine with the Hercules.  Although I'm using a stand, the only support is at the headstock and Hercules makes wall hangers that are essentially wall-mountable versions of the stand's head.  More generally, I suspect you could get most wall hangers intended for guitar (banjo hangers are likely too narrow for a Boucher neck) and make the fork a tighter fit to the nut area of the banjo by applying some leather on the hanger's inner contact points (or around the two prongs of the fork if they're round).  It's easy, looks fine, and works.

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