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Hi Folks. It has been a good few years since I last visited here, having sold all my banjos and moved on. Well, in a fit of nostalgia I picked up a fretless 1890s banjo on eBay in the UK. It was really inexpensive, £150, about 250 USD. It's okay, certainly not a fine banjo. I tuned it up a little, and the tailpiece came flying off. It was an original ivory one, now completely broken. I replaced it with a simple wooden one, and have now strung it with nylgut minstrel set, but tuned up to A on the 4th. I have started reading simple things again, trying to remember where the notes are. I'm using Dobson's Complete Instructor of 1880. 

It's not my intention to get stuck into it to the degree I did before. Rather, I'll just play the odd tune every now and then, when I remember the banjo is under the bed. I just have too many things going on to give a lot of time to it.

I just wanted to say Hi to my old friends here, and to those who joined after I left. Hi!

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Hi Rob!  I've enjoyed your writings and playing for years.

Lots of good stuff to be found on your site:  https://robmackillop.net/

Hi Strumelia. Love your name! Thanks for saying hello. I'll check out your page here. 

>>>I just wanted to say Hi to my old friends here, and to those who joined after I left. Hi!/span>

Hi Rob! Say Hi Edinburgh for me!

Cheers, Tom. Drop by sometime...

For those who don't know Rob Mackillop, he is a true musical inspiration. Check out his stuff at the link Strumelia gave.

Cheers, Mark. Or go straight to my banjo site: https://rmbanjo.com

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