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Does anyone know if/where there is a scan for this book online that I can download?

this one: http://pittcat.pitt.edu/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi

Aside from the "captainfiddle' guy selling copies for $24 I mean...   :-\

And can anyone tell me if the two tunes "Boston Jig" and "Blue Bells of Scotland" are both in this book?

thanks   :)

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yes, they are both in there

Thanks D, but I believe it's a different Dobson's book I was looking for- I think it's in a vertical format and is called the New System... not new school.  And it has both the tunes I mentioned in it.

Hmm, I wonder though if they actually send such fragile antique books back and forth between libraries.  I can ask though, thanks.

Some time ago, I was researching 19th century dance music. They would allow me to examine the music, but whe nI wanted to photocopy, a librarian had to do it for me. Certain music they would not photocopy, due to ti itsw fragile condition. I did, however manage to get some through interlibrary loan, and actulally check out, so it all depends on the condition. It can't hurt ot ask, they might be able to get it.

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