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CarolinaChocolateDrops Interview- Bones and minstrel banjo

I thought this was an interesting vid to watch...hadn't seen it before.

Especially the first part about the bones, and the later talk about racism in minstrel era music.

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I really, really enjoyed watching this.  I appreciate their music, of course, but also their treatment of the attitudes surrounding the music during the minstrelsy period.  This is a good reference for helping me explain to others my fascination with the music while acknowledging the very offensive nature of some of the lyrics of the day.  Thanks for posting!

It's awesome, isn't it?

I love how Rhiannon immediately corrects herself from describing the more racist aspect at first with "problematic' and 'a little hairy' to firmly rejecting the 'pussy footin around' and just flat out saying "It really was horrible". 

I agree.  She finally gets down to it, while at the same time they all honor that period of our musical history.

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