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I haven't yet seen this but thought I'd pass it along.  It also airs at 4 am on Sunday.

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I didn't notice before posting that it only addresses the 20th C.

Hopefully this will become available online or on-demand.

I did a talk 2 years ago at Greenfield village entitled "The Minstrel Show Conundrum", looking at minstrel shows across the 19th century. It is a fairly complex topic.

I just watched this show that I DVRed when it was on.  Though it focuses more on the 20th than 19th C, it does discuss the 19th C and I thought it was very interesting with two historians that know their subject.  I also see that it airs again in about an hour on CSPAN3.  Set your DVRs if you can.

Man, I searched and searched but to no avail. I don't have CSPAN3 in my DirectTV package...ugh

Sorry you couldn't find it, Rob.  A lot of people can't get CSPAN3.  I'm lucky on this issue as it comes with my basic cable.  Every Friday, I look for programming that airs on the weekend as it's all historical lectures, etc.

Yes, that's it.  Thanks, Joel.

AWESOME, JOEL!! Thanks for posting the link. I now have something to watch on my commute...

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