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Have been working on my Bell Boucher kit. Fnished the sanding with fine sandpaper topped with fine steel wool. Didn't need much sanding at all to be truthful. Decided to go with tung oil low gloss finish. Finished second coat today. Very easy to apply...rub in coat,let dry a few hrs. then rub with fine grade steel wool. Decided not to 'customize ' this one. Simple is beautiful. Will continue with these coats for a few more days,then assemble the banjo. Buy a kit from Terry,u won't regret it.

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Hey Gil, sounds like it's gonna be a beauty. Got some pictures of the process? I'd love to see one of my 'babies' coming to life!

Just finished the 7th coat of tung oil on the Boucher. Low gloss but there is a shine to it. Will remount the head this weekend and then start putting it all back to life. Camera is on it's way so pics will be coming soon. This is much fun! Can't wait to get it up and humming,er booming,er thunder clapping!

ooooh Boy!   woo-hooooooooo!!   I bet your banjer is going to be beautifully finished.  Pictures!!!

And Gil, Terry says he's making my banjer right now too!  Such a funny coincidence!  Maybe i will see you sometime and we can both bring our Bells to a gathering and play some stuff?  We can make Brian fiddle for us, too!   ;D

Strumelia, would love to hook up with you and that wonderful fiddler your acquainted with. I think he knows an old tune or two. Yesterday attached the head and very easily and gently hand tightening it down. The skin head seems thin,which is ok, but i'm slowly taking my time with it. A turn here a turn there.No rush. keep you posted.

Gil, can you update us on your progress with this banjo?  Did you get it strung up and played yet?

Strumelia, Sorry to take so long to post but got caught up in various things due to Sandy. Got the banjo strung up and once the strings settled in,about two weeks, i must say I'm having a blast with it. Very strong big clear sound. The string spacing is perfect for me. It's a different beast than all my other jo's of course but once you get the feel for it it's a lot of fun. Picture's coming soon.

Great, Gil!!!   I'm so glad!

Did you see Terry Bell's video on how to stretch your Nylgut strings when installing them, so that they don't take so long to break in?- scary but invaluable!   xo

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