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Just wanted to mention this one, as it seems highly unusual for this to be offered this way. Apparently a Goodwill Pete Ross banza in Seattle but listed on Ebay... or else maybe a scam? How could this thing wind up at Goodwill, and i didn't think Goodwill posted ebay auctions...??

Does anyone recognize this banjo or know who owned it?:


BTW I will not be bidding it in any case- I have enough banjos.  ;)

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Goodwill definitely runs ebay auctions.  My wife likes a particular model of Reebok hightops, and they're the devil to find anymore.  However, about two years ago, I round two different goodwill stores with one pair each.  Both arrived in excellent shape and looked like they'd never been worn. 

That looks like an interesting instrument.  I certainly don't need it, and my wife would just as certainly beat me with something heavier than her reeboks if I were to buy another instrument. :)

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