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Has the weekend been established for the 2013 Antietam gathering?

I might be able to influence our vintage base ball club's scheduler to have an off weekend if I knew before other clubs started calling us for matches.

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From what I have been told, it is the weekend of June 22.

Thanks John.  Can anyone verify?

I gave an email prod to George, Kyle, and Thomas. When John, Elaine, and I saw George at Antietam a few weeks ago, that was the weekend we discussed, but I'm going to work to get an official statement on the date.

I am going to corner George on this today.  We will get the info out soon!

Thanks John, Greg, and Thomas.  I didn't know the date was still being pondered.  I didn't mean to press it and I feel a bit sheepish for evidently doing so for personal scheduling reasons.

Oh no, its ok.  We are just waiting to hear from the National Park Service on when their music weekend will be.

 You guys are really scaring me.  I asked about this months ago, cancelled a gig, and made a number of plans and arrangements around this date.  The fact that it seems to be up in the air now is a little disconcerting.

Any further word on this topic?

June 22 has been confirmed as of today.  We have set the date and will publish it soon. For any who have already made plans  your plans are safe.  

Thank you George!

Puttin that one on my calendar!  Really don't want to miss it this time!

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