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On Sunday, August 28, Steve Brown is organizing a mini bones-fest and tribute to Shorty Boulet at Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, Massachusetts.  Tentative schedule is 9-5ish.  I'll be involved in some capacity (helping organize, participating, or accompanying, possibly all three) and although the focus will be bones I don't think they'd throw out any early banjo players.


More details should be emerging soon; when they do I'll create an entry on the actual events page.

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Looking forward to more info!
From Steve himself: "All banjo players are cordially invited" - that may be the first time 'banjo players' and 'cordially invited' have ever been used in the same sentence!
i know just where red apple farm is. i'll be there!

More details - this is going to be fun!





Hurricane Irene put the kabosh on this event and I was totally BUMMED!


hope everyone is safe though.  We were in the path and got some heavy rains and flooding in our area but escaped major damage.


So I went ahead and ordered some bones online so I can return my husband's cool but rather heavy/clunky rough cut walnut bones to him in exchange for the smooth maple ones coming.  I got the Percy Danforth instructional VDV as well.  Lots of great bones videos on here to watch as well!

I SOOOO wish this event would be resurrected....was really upset when the hurricane canceled it four years ago. 

I could actually drive there and back for the day!

Me too!  It really would be an ideal venue for such a gathering, especially on a late summer or fall weekend.  (The place is PACKED most weekends from Labor Day through Columbus Day, but the barn is private.  The potential would be there for an AEBG-style public concert after a day of jamming/mentoring/what have you.)

There's been some on-again, off-again discussion about getting some kind of New England/Northeast early banjo gathering together for several years now, but I know I myself haven't had the bandwidth to take the reins.  *maybe* next year?  

I just sent Red Apple Farm an inquiry about rates for the barn, which is available from April through December.  Just to see!

Awesome Andy!   I sure would love to go rattle some bones and maybe banjer with like-minded and not have to drive 7 or 8 hours each way.

Do you think Steve Brown would be interested in rescheduling it as a bones mini-fest?

Hey thanks for your interest in bones. Unfortunately,, the regional fest was never rescheduled, but there still is some bone playing activity you might be interested in. First and formost, go to our web site (www.rhythmbones.com) for a variety of information on the bones, and specifically on our National Bones Fest held in a different part of the country each year. This year was in Shepperdstown,WV, and was sponsored by Skeffington Flynn. Next year will be in Homer, New York in early August, exact dates are not set at this point. There should be a great variety of bone playing activities including workshops, performances, jamming, and just good bone playing vibes. We usually have a Bones Market place where anyone is welcome to sell bones. related material that they make. Skeff is sponsoring a local evening of bone playing in Baltimore, MD for folks with in distance to drive for the evening. In April, I'll be giving a workshop at the New England Folk Festival, and will be selling bones in the craft area. We usually have a number of bone players coming for that, and I know Skeff is planning on being there. Feel free to ask me any questions, either here or on email, bones@crystal-mtn.com. Again thanks for your interest in the bones! Steve Brown

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