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This falls within the 'creepy doll' category for sure, but it is of historical interest in terms of the process of preserving rare early sound recordings from the current popular culture of the 1800s:

All 8 preserved recordings can be heard in the second link.  A photo of the actual doll in the first link...



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Very Creepy Indeed!   That Definitely reminds me of the Classic Twilight Zone with "Talking Tina"


I think the weird part is that they obviously used grown women for the recordings, and they are apparently trying to make their voices high and child like or doll like...but it winds up sounding shrieky and scary.   lolol  The dolls themselves are lovely enough in terms of what was the norm of the day.   Many people today find these old bisque dolls to be creepy looking...but I myself think most modern dolls are nastier looking by far...cabbage patch...Bratz...barbies...ugh.

Here's a webpage featuring some of the tiny c1900 dolls i have collected:

http://harmonias.com/ruby/    I'm real glad mine don't talk!    =8-o

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