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At 5:45pm on March 23, 2013, Valerie Diaz Leroy said…

Thanks for the info. And, I've already been on your site a number of times! If I decide to take the plunge call you up :)

At 1:24pm on November 11, 2013, David Spalding Sharp said…

Hi Terry

Did you say you had some tambourine kits you were making up? If so I'm in and how much? Dave

At 12:27pm on November 21, 2013, John Britchfield said…

Hi Terry. Thanks for your message. Have now finished the banjo and learning a number of tunes thanks to Mr Twiss. The Appalachian clogging my partner dances does not really go with minstrel tunes because of the timing, but she plays melodeon as well so we are looking at some duets with that combination, which could be interesting.

At 6:51pm on January 30, 2014, CURTIS PAYNE said…

Just got my Bell Banjo .yesterday, today I have been attempting to figure it out.  worked on a couple of songs.  my goal is to learn how to play my own songs on it.

At 2:33pm on April 18, 2014, David Spalding Sharp said…

Hi Terry - how are you feeling these days? I hope your well. Did you get a chance to work on my banjo and tambourine kits yet.

Dave Sharp

At 5:24pm on May 26, 2014, Helen said…

G'day Terry,

I have sent you a few emails on your business site email address but haven't had a reply so I thought I would check here that you are still ok and all is well in the Bell family.

Do you have a delivery date in mind for my banjo?  I think you were up to painting it just before you got unwell. All the best H

At 11:59pm on May 26, 2014, Helen said…
Terry, sent u email. Remember order was changed to a completed Boucher, painted Stitcher colour, spare strings and padded gig bag. Changed after first kit went missing in shipping. Please confirm this is what gets shipped tmrw. Thanks heaps. Helen
At 5:44am on June 17, 2014, Helen said…
G'day Terry. Did she get on her way as planned? Helen.
At 12:59pm on July 11, 2014, David Spalding Sharp said…

Hi Terry - Waiting with baited breath hoping to get the banjo and tambourine kits. Lets me know when you can.

Dave Sharp


At 1:52pm on August 13, 2014, Tom Meisenheimer said…


I am putting together what I hope will be a performance/lecture program for our local library. I won't be presenting anything scholarly but wish to present a point of departure for anyone who would like to travel on the banjo path.

Good intentions, but.

I don't want to use photos to illustrate the main development of the instrument.

I want to use the actual instruments; ergo performance.

Do you know of anyone in possession of an akonting that they would part with for a reasonable price? Or plans for making one? Gourds are plentiful here in Missouri and we sure got many kinds of wood in great abundance but I can't tell from youtube videos or Elderly's ad just how the durn things went together.

I have taken the neck you made for me and put it together with an all wood head somewhat like a bucket but reversed with the wood base sanded very thin and used as the top. It has good tone and great volume. I'm on youtube playing a couple of numbers on it, Old Man Below and maybe Sail Away Ladies. Possibly Pretty Polly.

I took the rim you fitted the neck to and gave it back its original neck. So I now have two un-fretted banjos.

Still learning.


Tom Meisenheimer

At 3:07pm on September 6, 2014, busker said…
Absolutely stir crazy out here in Central Oregon, Stichter can't come soon enough!
At 2:03pm on November 1, 2014, Christopher Stetson said…

Hi, Terry,

I've been meaning to send you an email for a couple of weeks.  I got the Stichter (the one from ebay) put together just fine.  I ended up using tea for a stain; probably a lot lighter than a commercial stain, but it does give a nice reddish cast to the maple.  I've worked making parts for harpsichord kits in the past, and I can say that the banjo went together really well. Sounds good, too.  I'm very happy, though these guitar-playing fingers still aren't doing very well on stroke style.  Thanks so much,


At 6:43pm on November 1, 2014, Leonidas (Lee) Jones said…
Hey Chris, post a picture! Terry does make outstanding banjos!
At 12:01am on November 4, 2014, Christopher Stetson said…

Thanks for the idea, Lee.  I'll see what I can do, maybe even a recording.

At 6:00pm on April 16, 2015, Scott Danneker said…

Hello Mr. Bell. My name is Scott Danneker. I have bought one of your kits on Ebayand will soon be putting it together. May I ask you for some advice while I put it together?  I will likely need advice on dying and staining the wood.  I would like it to look like an original Boucher banjo if possible.  Is the metal work red like in the picture of the faux grain one?

Thank you. -Scott

At 2:49pm on September 1, 2016, David Spalding Sharp said…

Hi Terry - I ordered a banjo kit and Tambourine kit about three years back. Do you still have any record of my order? My check was cashed, and you mentioned on several occasions that you were sick that year. Let me know if you still have my contact information as some of it may have changed in the interim. Sincerely David Sharp

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