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As you all might know by now, I have taken down the Banjo Clubhouse for now. Fortunately, most of those resources are widely available now. Tuckahoe is back in biz, so we can support Joe Ayers with the availability of Briggs, Rice, Buckley 1860, and the Green and Yellow Converse. The Buckley 1868, which I obtained form Brown University, will pop up on my revamped site when I get it going. Joel may also have it up on his. I think Joe has plans to add this to Tuckahoe...and I hope he does. It is a fabulous book.


In the meantime, I put a lot of time into organizing my youtube site. The effort had been to assemble as much of the written record for early banjo in a video format. I believe I have ALL the instrumental music from the basic books, as well as catagories for other classifications. They are neatly organized into "playlists" for easy navigation. As I was going through there, I found a few omissions, which I intend to go and finish...."Water Street Reel" from the Analytical for one. I thought for certain I had it in there. Probably just as well, because when I look at it now, I see a few things that I did not earlier that change my interpretation...subtle things in the fingering that help direct the phrasing and tempo. Anyway, if you find anything missing, let me know. 

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Comment by Lucas Bowman on January 6, 2012 at 10:44am

Tim, wow. A tremendous, monumental, enormous, humongous, limitless, monstrous, gigantic and stupendous THANKS!!! goes out to you for your transforming (and very well) these historic records into audible and visual files for the world. Your site was instrumental in supporting the minstrel banjo world, just as this site is. Its sad to see some things go but its nice knowing that the bigger issues are still there in other websites.

And Tim, youre not missing anything; youre perfect as you are ;D


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