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1880 Buckbee banjo replicas now available!

My 1880 Buckbee are very exact.

They are Exact  in sound and looks to the original Buckbee.

VERY wonderful and special banjos!

Please see http://TheresaVaughn.com ( much  information there ).

This week the first silver and gold plated versions will

be completed ....New pictures & videos  will post

to web page in a week or so.


At this time I am looking to borrow an original

Buckbee 9/32" banjo  wrench...  to  use  to replicate/cast

wrenches for my replicas in brass or bronze.

I saw  the Mugwumps collection of wrenches by the late Michael I. Holmes

Any ideas who I can contact about those wenches?

Kindest regards,


Leonard Schneider



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