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Well, we got the ball rolling quickly last week with "Spot Waltz".

This week, another Winner's tune...Short Stop Jig.

Mybe somebody would like to contribute a tab?

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Wow!  That almost looks like Power of Music - or am I reading it wrong?

No...you are right.

I have been working so much on Power of Music, I was afraid I was beginning to see it everywhere I looked!

I thought it might be good. It is shorter than Power of Music. And, I don't know if there is a tab out there for that tune type yet...might be, but I don't know. Anywhow, I hope Tune of the Week becomes  a fun way to grow a simple and diverse repertoire. Also, choosing this one brings out another pont from an earlier discussion, about the composer's intent for the F# / E debate in Power of Music. Cross referencing music music gives us yet another tool to evaluate things like that. I stick to the fact that E is the intended note....but for goodeness sake, play what you want to play. Music is free and creative. This is not the only case we need to look for the writer's intention....over and over we see mutations of this sort. Personally, I like to know what it is I have altered, as opposed to blindly following something.

I loved Spot Waltz. need to tighten up the second part then will post, then on to the next. Great Idea Tim!

Looking forward to your Spot Waltz.

Short Stop Jig - notation, tab, midi, etc.:


Tim - does the left hand fingering look right?


I tried it. I hope this is half-way correct. http://youtu.be/0-flfq1vj7o

Jon, you are becoming the "tab master". Nice work.

You're on a roll. Fingerings look good.

Tim, happy to make these TablEdit tabs.  Keep the weekly tunes coming, with notation and hand-written tabs if possible!


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