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This is the perfect time of year for banjo making. After I steam bend my rims, I let them bake in the sun. Later in the hot summer I tend to stay in the air conditioned shop. Right now is the time to get a great deal on a completed banjo - http://bell.20m.com/springbanjosale.html

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You're gonna love that axe!

Tell us the specs.

At first I ordered the Bell Boucher completely built. When I saw Terrys video that he now had pre mounted heads available I decided to order the kit. 13 inch head 28 in scale! Terry's reply was," your gonna have a ball putting it together". He's right. He's top shelf in my book.

Boom...that's gonna be a nice one.

Just finished my Bell Boucher kit:  13-inch rim, gut strung at 28.5 inches (might go to 29) with a sweet growling tone. Of course, since It's fretless, you can put the bridge anywhere you want, including sliding it forward from time to time to make singing with it easier.  (That's not it in my avatar.) I am now installing music in it and played it at an old time jam to day -- when the keys and tunes were stroke style-friendly.

I can't say enough about Terry's customer service.  He is always willing to answer questions and offer advice and he's fun to talk to, too. 

Terry went way beyond the call of duty in helping me through the assembly/finishing  process. As I told him, I'm a very satisfied customer.

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