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It's not often I'm star struck...

Some mighty fine banjo playing this afternoon...

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Way good!!

Do share more.

She has relatives living in Dunbar, south of Edinburgh, and was visiting for New Year, plus the Chocolate Drops have a gig in Glasgow in a few days' time. She phoned me up and asked to come round. Yes please! We spent a couple of hours playing and talking banjos and the music, composers, etc. She is a great clawhammer player, but has also been looking into the stroke minstrel style, and to me it sounded wonderful. She played my magnificent Hartel Boucher. I played a bunch of stuff, and she took away some books and scores. What a nice human being! 

Isn't it weird when images from your computer screen suddenly turn up on your doorstep?!


The Chocolate Drops will be in Albany NY on 29 Jan.  I'm looking forward to it!

It doesn't get much better than that.

Rob, it was a lovely lovely visit!  thanks for taking the time, and for the goodies!  i've been working my way through Irish American classics AND stumbling through the Eno print out you gave me...loving life at the moment.  can't wait to hear the cd - if i can't play the lute, at least I can enjoy listening to it! :)

My pleasure, Rhiannon. I look forward to meeting you again someday.

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