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I noticed that this web site's Resources for Books / Instructors does not include Bob Flesher's Stroke Style Minstrel banjo Book with CD.

I believe Minstrel. Banjo.Ning should add Bob's book to the resource list.

The book contains 60 tunes in Tablature Format each with a CD sample of Bob playing the tune - fast enough to still be musical and slow enough to hear each note.

A big bonus is Bob includes quite a few variations which can be used as models as to how to make your own variations.

Bob's Minstrel Banjo CDs are great listening and often include his old minstrel band with a fiddler and bones player.    The same band plays on the DVD he has for sale.

The only criticism I have is the order in which a few of the tunes appear.  For example, the first tune is Briggs Breakdown (I think) and it is not really the first to to learn because of the long descending run and many many pull offs. 

Using Bob's Book I like to listen many times to a tune, be able to hear it in my head, be able to hum it, then play it from the tab, then forget the tab for a while and come back to the tab later.

Check out Bob's Dr Horsehair Music Company Website


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I agree. I've found Bob Flesher's books and recordings to be invaluable resources for learning stroke-style and for listening pleasure.  The website is excellent. I have one of Bob's Boucher banjos -- a fine example of workmanship and playability; I enjoy it daily.

Ah, yes, thanks... as a beginner I've been meaning to check out Flesher's recordings and books. I'll have to take a look. I'm surprised at how much actually is out there now for early banjo. Newbies have numerous places to look these days. I'm guessing it wasn't always so.

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