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I'm working on Power of Music -- the Buckley arrangement in Rice's 1858 book.  In M 4 of part 2 (bottom of page 58) there's a typo: either the f# should be an e or the 0 above the staff should be a 2.  I've been playing the f# because I like the way it sounds after playing the e in the previous measure.  But I'm wondering what the original intention was.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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imho, it is an E. I've always played it that way. This is a case where fingerings give clues to the original material. The 0 indicates open E. There is nothing else harmonically in the tune to suggest F#. The Rice book has more of these...where you play detective to solve the weird harmony.

One of the times it is useful to be able to read notation.....won't have to take a tabbers word for it.

Right, I understand the E makes the piece more consistent -- especially since there's no corresponding F# in the same place of part 2 on the following page (page 59).  But to my ear the F# sounds more interesting (maybe because it's out of place).  As for detective work, I wonder which printing error would be easier to make - the number or the note?  btw - are there other arrangements of the this piece, and how are the played?

Musically, that is is part of the search....not just that there is no F#, but rather, you don't typically see a vi7 chord anywhere else in this song. It may not sound bad, but it is out of character. Weigh it out, and choose. Use old ears...not modern ears. One of the 2 things is off...the note or the number. So, use other information.

Or, just play an F#.

Paul and Tim--i've always played it as written.  It adds a sophisticated  nuance.  If it's a mistake I like it.  Joe Ayers Plays this tune on his tape.  I can't remember what he does.--Rob

I guess the question was...what did the composer intend...?


Tons of variations on everything...no law against it.

Thanks Tim and Rob.  Once I can play it through twice without messing it up, i'll record it first time with F#, second time with E.  Just for fun...

Tim and Paul--"I looked at the music and listened to Joe Ayers rendition of "Power of Music."  Joe plays the F#, but the inconsistent finger notation does suggest a typo.  I still like the mistake though.--Rob

Then you should play F#

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