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Hello all!

I just came back from Metamora Indiana's Old Time Music Festival, and a great time was had by all!  The festival has bluegrass, folk, and gospel music mainly, I guess you could say, as well as a little bit of everything else.

It was my great fortune to have my first banjo put through its paces by two of the members of The Rabbit Hash Band, Russ Childers, who started me down this path in the first place, and Warren Waldron.  Both of them ran workshops at the festival, Mr. Waldron's being a short banjo history, which included a George Wunderlich reconstruction of a Boucher model with a special hand worked red and black paint finish and a red ring.  Even let me hold and pluck it a bit!  (We were the only two minstrel style banjos at the festival!)

Now, I still don't consider myself presentable, but these two gentlemen certainly are, and both of them spared no horses running my number one through several tunes (which I recognized from here)!  I'd have to say, I was quite pleased with the way it sounded in their hands, and they were both very complimentary of it, and that I owe entirely to the help, advice, and encouragement I've received here!

Many Thanks,


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