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I placed an order fer a tackhead banjo what should be ready around Halloween. I hope this is auspicious timing.

I would like to learn to play it Minstrel style like you guyz be a doin.

What lesson books with C.D. or better yet D.V.Ds should I be a learnin' from? I am told I have a good ear and been playing banjo more or less guitar style, but I jest hear songs and I can play them. I have played steel guitar and other git fiddles so i ain't afeared of finger pickin' or unlearning bad habits.

Am playin' my rendition of "Jim along Josie" as I say adieu, thanking you in advance for any hep you can gib me as I am so not worthy.

Your Obedient servant,

Thomas J.
aka Tibilt elsewhere Itchy Triggerfinger and Shameless Womanizer in other arenas as I am a wanted man.
5th grade ESL Social Studies Teacher and Cowboy Action Shootist (yet another character flaw)

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Welcome. No doubt, get the Flesher book first. Watch a lot of videos to get your right hand set up right. Learn lots of cool tunes from that book-it's packed. Then get the original Briggs' Banjo Instructor and learn to read notation. Cross reference what you learned with the tab, and don't look back.
Good luck partner...we're here to help.
I am assuming that you mean THE MINSTREL BANJO STROKE STYLE by Bob Flesher that comes with the C.D. for $30, right? I saw your video on this site with the tablature so I guess I can play at that until my new banjo and instructions come. I been watching various minstrel style banjoists as you suggested.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, that's the one. Here is a little head start on that stuff...Alabama Joe will be in the Flesher Book, but the Briggs' Movements are not. If you practice just one technical exercise at first, make this the one. It is a foundation for much of the material. Practice it over and over until it feels relaxed and natural. All your songs will go much better as a result.
I'm sure there are several tab-friendly-sharing folks on this sight that have some cool stuff...just ask. I also have a lot of stuff from the Winner's Books, which often get overlooked as prime startup material.
Oh, what tuning do I use? Thanks so very much for the information you have shared with me.
Ahhhh an acrostic poem. . . I might become inspired to Hiaku!

Oh, I ordered my coursework from Dr. Horsehair today. I received a confirmation via email from the lovely Mrs. Horsehair.

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