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I launched my new website last night.


It is a pretty simple and compact site. I did get most of the tutors back up, but still need to work on the Green Converse......size issue in PDF conversion.

The Music Store part has me very excited. When you go to that, you can see MP3's for sale. I only put up my first 2 CD's, and started the Briggs'. Since I am starting all over again, I only have one in the Briggs', but it will grow each week. I think 45 cents a tune might be reasonable (for tutor songs). In addition, there is a coupon code for Ning members to get an additional 10% discount....what a deal! Use FAS101.

If you get the time, take a cruise through there. Let me know how you like it....


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Tnx for continuing to be a great mentor...

Congratulations on your new web site Tim, it looks good.

Good news....I finally got the Green Converse in there. That completes the "basic canon" of banjo material.



I added Winners 1883 to the print music source page tonight. Not the strongest material, but worthy of play. You can see the familar material with different titles. Many good ones to play.

For example...page 30 Highland Fling-see it in a Dobson book, as well as the renamed "Darkey Money Musk" from Briggs' 1855....and it goes back from there.

These "second tier" books are also important for tunes like 'Irish Jig,' page 31...this is the great jig "Bully For All" that we see in Converse and several other methods.  But we get variations here, which can influence our own variations as we practice.

Tim ..thank you so much for putting this together. The recordings sound great and very precise.  I will be purchasing all recordings in the coming week.  Do you, over time, anticipate including your videos to the same site? 

and if I read down on the page on your site, there it is...videos.

Smashing Tim!


Good work, Tim. This will be very useful to us all.

Thanks all. Can't wait to continue. Next up is Rice....but there may be one distraction thrown in...I'll keep you posted. I like to drive through one project at a time. If I start the Rice, I won't stop until it's done...


Tim ..now take your time and do this right..we are all counting on you. :)

This is awesome...I mean really this is an example of everything we could learn. When your looking at the sheet music and have no where to refrence the tune this is what a player needs. So many songs... Keep it coming.

The music download site is working quite well. For a while, I am leaving the discount coupon code for Ning members.


What a deal....the tunes are only 40 cents each....take 10% off that...whew!

Get them one at a time, or a collection together.


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