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I've been playing the version from Briggs 1855 and wonder about the song.  Does someone have the lyrics?  Do they still exist?  All I get from a web search is Bosson and Ozzie Osbourne.  Any help would be appreciated.

Best, and keep playing.


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Away down in de Kentuck brake
De darkey lib, dey call him jake,
he pick upon de banmjo string,
Dis am de song dat he would sing.
             Ree-ro my true lub,
O come along my darlin,
So fare you well, my Dinah gal,
I'm gwine ober de mountains.

Come my lub an go wid me,
I'm gwine away to Tennessee;
A hoss an cart dhall pull you roun,
Walk up hill an foot it down.

One kind kiss before we part,
one more kiss would break my heart;
Hitch your hoss up to a rail,
make him fast both head and tail.

I fed my hoss in a poplar trough,
De old hoss catch de hoopin cough,
i lick him wiod a hick'ry stick
He paw de groun' an begin to kick.

I hitch him to a swingin limb
De ole hoss cut a pigeon-wing;
Den I rote de tanner a letter
i thought de hoss was gettin no better.

De tanner made me dis reply
I want de hoss hide when he die
De tanner he was well enuff
De hoss hide was ole an tuff.

De ole hoss die, I dig a hole,
I cover him up both body an soul,
De tanner come but soon he found
De hoss was too deep underground.

Thanks, Tim!

You're welcome. btw, this is a good source http://mudcat.org/


Here's the sheet music, the words are little different.

Thanks, Wes.  

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