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Yes. Adding to what John said, it seems that it may be of great service to have a Lessons Page in the toolbar above. It would provide basic information in a clear way. We are growing in numbers every day. We can't assume that people joing already know a lot. Going back over the basics will help everybody get off to a good start. We will address basic things like tuning, basic technique, repertoire, and the instrument itself. Look over on the Ning Classic site for a model. I think we will break it up into shorter lessons. 

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Great idea to add such a facet to this site. Do you have some preliminary videos ready to go yet?
HooRay!!  This is exciting.  Thank you.  Most of what I play is original.  Having a lesson page will bring me up to speed with the group.

Great idea.  The currently small role early banjo plays in my storytelling programs has been extremely well-received by kids and grownups.  Anything I can learn that helps me get better at it, and perhaps expand its role, is very welcome.  Also, what can I do to be helpful?


Dan Gibson, Storyteller/Banjoplayer

Dallas, TX; Burlington, NC


Great idea!

Speaking as a novice I think this a great idea. I have already aquired  a couple of minstrel music books but to see the technics worked  through would be great.


There is a link to the Banjo Clubhouse. There's a lot of good info there, though the site owner seems to be  a bit of a scalawag.


I'll getcha back Paul!!

Hi, Tim!


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