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Anybody play this one?

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I grew up in Chattanooga, and Atlanta, and associate that sound with summer, that and the humidity.  I really like your version.  You don't by any chance have it tabbed out do you?

Ol' Dan Tucker said:

Tim, when I first started working on arranging this song it was late summer and the cicadas and other insects were in full song. My tinitus mimics this backwoods symphony, I hear cicadas where there are none. As mentioned this stuff is very mood and stress related so it comes and goes, but sitting and playing banjo outdoors, or near an open window or door the sounds kind of swirl together real, and perceived. It was in the fall, long after the insects had died off that I was done with my arrangement. We were in the studio and when our fiddler and jaw-bone player went outside for a smoke break I didn't want to waste valuable studio time so I asked King Benntt to try this one with me. I had asked him to make up some sandpaper blocks and do a rest-2-3-4 rhythm to mimic the insect sounds I'd been hearing. We faded out with a pre-recorded insects sound effect. Dave

So cool that Paul and I posted versions within minutes of each other....this mysterious tune that shares the same lyrics.

Sometimes one can be very productive when winter weather sets in. I live here in Santa Barbara, and people look at me real funny when I say I wish it was raining. 

John Masciale said:

Maybe tonight.  We're expecting 6 inches of snow...

Thanks Tim!  A happy accident!  You're right Nicholas -- this is the first snow since October! (which is odd for Albany NY...)

I love your version. Is it written out for banjo or did you just figure it out on your own? 

@Nicholas - i figured it out listening to Flesher's CD.  I raised the 2nd string to G and the 4th to A.  After that it pretty much plays itself.  Sometimes I play it with the 2nd string tuned to F#, and keep my finger on the first stop of the 2nd string (G) so I can go directly into Kick Up De Debble on a Holiday.

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