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Lovely tune, however I struggle with last measure. Those lil small notes always throw me off. Can't really smooth it out like greg does in his video haha

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I tend to think of these like a "cut" on the  fiddle,  a quick pull off, a little blip that leads into that B in the melody. Kind of like the word "plunky" where the p sound is grace note.

I've sort of got it going, my short fingers make it diffcult to pull off fourth fret to second fret while using ring finger to hold down second fret. If I use first finger instead of ring finger i get an okay result. Playing it like the 3-2-0 triplet found all over Buckleys 1868 book.

I have found the tunes named after Jake to be rather simple but still pretty challenging to crack. Not sure if they are tribute to Mr Bacchus or if they are his tunes but I assume he was a cool dood nonetheless.

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