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I just put a set of real gut strings on the new banjo. They sound good -  darker than the nylons. The strings came with lots of dire warnings about moisture and sweaty fingers. How seriously should I take all this?  I never thought of myself as the kind of musician who had to pack talcum powder - but I guess I could learn! Any advice gratefully received.

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I use gamutstrings.com



I tend to order custom varnished gut strings in sizes


Treble Gut





Lyon Gut

1.10 mm


I use a guitar D string for my bass string

That Sierra View link Ian gave is Bob Thornburg and he markets Pur'll gut strings.  His service is lightning quick, and if you just ask him for the standard minstrel strings he knows the proper gauges.  He's a hell of a nice guy to do business with.  Hartel gets his strings there.
I'll second what Carl said about fast service from Sierra View.
Sounds like someone I'd like doing business with!

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