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Early banjo photographs database & Museum Sightings??

I just took a look at the Brawley Banjo photos that Dan'l posted the link for and got to thinking about other early banjo sightings links. I am familiar with the Banjo Sightings Database but every once in a while one of our fine members posts a link for other banjo photos that aren't included there and I was thinking it would be nice to compile a list of them. If any of you has knowledge of a link to other early banjo photos, would you be kind enough to post them here and I will attempt to put together a more comprehensive database for them. While we are at it, what about museum displays of Early Banjos? What museum has what banjos would be a great resource for those of us interested in seeing them firsthand. Ideas??

Thank for your input and hope to see you all in Antietam next week!!

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Here is a link to a banjo currently on display at the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh. 

http://collections.ncdcr.gov/dcr/ProficioScript.aspx?IDCFile=DETAIL... .......... Photo:                                                                                      


Here is a better photo of the Joseph Anderson banjo.


I posted a link a long time ago (relatively speaking to my getting involved with this site) of the Met's Banjos (IE The Metropolitan Museum of Art).  I didn't cross-reference it with the existing database however, so they could all be accounted for already.  :P  We have a total of "0", read "Zero", banjos at my museum, but do have an empty violin case, pianos, a tin whistle, recorder and a harp that date mid 1700s to early-mid 1800s.  No photos online yet though :-/

Matt, where can I find that link?

Brian, here ya go!  The Met's Banjos - found via their website

Not all are early and, sadly, not all have photos.  Again, could be an untapped resource, but maybe not.  



Nice Matt.  I hadn't seen this.  I like the Boucher gourd.  http://www.metmuseum.org/Collections/search-the-collections/1800129...

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