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Ok, I REALLY REALLY want to get out to the AEBG this year, just to meet some of you and to watch and learn. (not good enough to play yet, that may change come September?)  Problem is I am not sure if I can afford to make it out there. I live in North Mississippi, so I'm about say 18 hours away.  (A trip to Idaho drains the money jar as well.)  I'm curious if there are any gatherings a little closer?  I did a member search here and there are 0 players in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisianna.  I would love to meet somebody nearby.  Could we someday do a gathering in say Shiloh? That would be cool.

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Canaan, whatever search you did is not accurate. We have several members from  those states. Next year we will be again having the Sweeny Convergence at Appomatox, Va. which would be a third closer for you. But you could also organize a Deep South Gathering, so that the folks down there could all meet up.

I just used the member search. I don't think I could set it up as I am not a re-enactor and just started working on some minstrel tunes this morning.   But the civil war is my favorite thing to study, and I love this minstrel music.  I'm going to learn but I would love to just watch the experts do it and gain whatever knowledge I can.  This musical notation makes me want to shoot my self ;-)  

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