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I turned on NPR yesterday and caught most of the interview with Dom and Rhiannon. It is archived for a relisten.



One line I am pondering regarding early Minstrel type tunes..."the music is blameless".

I thought that was well said, and I thought the interview was great.



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Heard the interview as well, awesome! 

I saw them play out here in NYC the other week, great show. They played a couple minstrel tunes on a Sweeney replica. After the show I asked Dom who had made it. Sure enough it was Jim Hartel.

When Terry, son and I are working on something and it turns out great, we either say "Steve Martin is smiling upon us" or "The Chocolate Drops Gods are pleased with are doings" The day I brought my banjo home I turned on the tv and the chocolate drops and steve martin were being interviewed on different channels. I think its an omen :)

Man!! Outstanding interview, Outstanding band!  I just stumbled on this post, very cool. Thanks for posting Tim!

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