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Don't kill me...I've been putting together a few ukulele books [I have a few uke students, and have been appalled at the lack of quality repertoire] and have arranged 20 pieces fromBriggs' book. Here is a link to the sound files from the book. I use a regular uke for most things, but for the Briggs I used a banjo-uke - not normally my fvourite instrument, but I think it sounds OK with this repertoire.


At worst you will hunt me down and kill me. At best, you might think 'Hey, that's not so bad, and it might bring one or two people our way'...

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That's about the most creative damn thing I've ever heard. Good work, Rob.
Thanks, Carl. That's a relief!
Just in case anyone is interested, the STORE part of the website is now online. I'll say no more.
That is something I never expected to hear. I listened to a few. They sound like a minstrel music box with the higher pitch and slower tempos. This is a "kinder and gentler" side to this music. I like it. Is it in a standard uke tuning? (I'm certain you addressed that, but I did not probe that far.
Nice work.
Yes, standard uke tuning. Not a note has been changed, and it all fits under the hand easily, surprisingly well in fact. I've provided a link to the video page here so that the curious have the chance of hearing the real thing. The store has only been online for two hours and I've now sold four copies of the Briggs arrangements. It does sound weird, having the pieces up an octave from usual, but I think the sense of fun comes through, and I wouldn't have published them if I thought they gave a negative view of our hero.

Some of them are at fast tempos, such as Dance, Boatman, Dance and Carney Jig, etc. I just can't bring myself to play Briggs' Breakdown at breakneck speed, despite any implication in the title that it should go fast. On the other hand, I like what you and Carl do with it - I just hear it different when I play it. So the slower tempos on some of the pieces are not the fault of the uke, just the peformer. ;-)
Thanks very much for this! I enjoyed those pieces a lot ... I'll risk bodily harm by even going so far as to say I'd love to have your uke-rendition of Jim Along Josie as a ring tone on my phone! :)

Thanks again for sharing ...
Now, there's a market I never thought of - banjo ringtones! Might be my path to milionairness (!)

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