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Hi All: 
I've been working my way through Tim Twiss' fantastic primer(Thank you Tim!), I'm about 5 tunes in, and really would like to learn Blue Eagle Jail. I live in Rochester, NY about a mile from the site of the original jail, and really would love to learn this. If anyone has this tabbed out I would be so very grateful if you could share it. 

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Thanks a ton!

Any chance I could get this tab? Sorry to pester you. 

Timothy Twiss said:

If one does not surface in the next day or so, I'll make one for you Tom.


Timothy Twiss said:

Oh sure. Watch for it...

Yes! Thanks, Once I get it down maybe I'll post a video outside the Current Monroe County Jail.

OK I've got the tune down. I have contacted the County Historian and located the exact location of the Blue Eagle Jail. There is a nice park bench there where I'll record the tune along with a little bit of historical research I've done on the tune, Dan Rice, and the jail itself. 

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