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Reaching out to any Ashborn banjo experts. I am getting ready to make the wooden tesioning ring for my Ashborn replica and am unclear about how it should be attached to be acurate. The way I see it , it is either set into a rabbet that runs the circumferance, or it is glued to the exterior of the pot. In all of the photos I have looked at, I can not see any fasteners. Thinking about the forces it needs to resist, I would be inclined to rabbet it in place. Has anyone found any definitive evidence as to how it should be attached? Thanks for any and all input!


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Still looking for some input on this question. Does anyone have any knowledge on this?

Hi Brian,

The Ashborn pot consists of five pieces.First the main 1/4 in. maple pot.Then the bracket band glued to the main pot.Then, two pieces of thick maple veneer glued to the main pot above and below the bracket band,cleverly locking it in place.Finally a third piece of veneer glued to the face of the bracket band.Check out Banjo Sightings Database for great photos of two Ashborns

Good luck,

Dave Oakes

Thanks everyone and Dave, I have spent countless hours on the sightings database getting as many tidbits of info as I can but just couldn't tell for sure how the bracket band was attached. I was leaning towards a rabbet and/or the veneer holding it in place but need to be accurate!


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