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I have posted a widget on the bottom left hand side of the main page. This will allow us to collect $200 to cover our costs for the next year. The advantage of this widget is that we can see how much money has been donated, and how much more we have to go to cover our costs. Thanks for your contributions!

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Now THAT"S a good idea. It works fine and gives us real time updates.
I don't know. I just contributed 10 dollars, but it hasn't registered the payment. I signed in to my paypal account and made the payment as requested. But so far no change to the widget, and I've refreshed the page three times.
Well, 20 minutes later and it seems to have registered the payment - unless it is someone else's payment. Assuming it is mine, not exactly instant update...but it seems to work. Anyone else having problems with it?
Hey - I just tried John's Widget and I found the experience to be worth the investment all by itself! I highly recommend it to others.
Good news. I got confirmation from paypal and from ChipIn. It all went smoothly. It was just the instant update that wasn't so quick.
Yep, great app. I donated and after a couple of page refreshes the donation was registered on this site.

Very cool. Thanks for setting this up!
Okay! Let's get this thing done. We only need $75.00. A typical donation is $10.00. Please step up and help out out with continuing the site. (Feels like public radio, doesn't it?)
Congratulations! We were at a reenactment for the weekend, and when we got back we had hit our target!

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