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So, I finished my first four stringer. It's 24.5" scale and has a tiny gourd and gut strings but it generally is different beast possibly due to small gourd but it's so hummy, maybe its the long skinny neck. It would jive well with kalimba.

I fail to come up with the proper words to describe it but it feels like there's more play with the space between the notes. Makes for the most buttery licks. It's a joy to play and i played it for 9 hours n change last Saturday haha

I know Mark plays his 4 stringer often and it's because of him I am saving up for mande banza by Pete but anybody else fond of the four strings of funk? Any knowledge why removing a string produces such a difference in the tonal qualities?

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I'm making everything by hand on this one including the pegs. Maple neck, black walnut pegs.  I'm finishing it with boiled linseed oil for a stain and shellac for the varnish.

Chris, Let us hear it when you have time to make a video.

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