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I had a nice chat with Tim Twiss today; we want to explore new ideas with the Friday Night Post series of comparing and sharing arrangement ideas. He had suggested going back to the early playbills for tune ideas, and I suggested the 1851 Gumbo Chaff tutor. As we know, it doesn't really illustrate period stroke style, but it does give the melody of popular period banjo tunes. It would be interesting and good practice to arrange the tunes in stroke-style.

These tunes wouldn't be the awkward fiddle tunes, they would our own arrangements of singin' tunes.

This is such an under-utilized resource (perhaps deservedly so ;^} ), but perhaps we could make lemonade out of it.

Anyone have a copy of Gumbo Chaff's banjo tutor?

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Chris Ownby said:
that tune "De Gal Wid De Blue Dress On". Does the EGB version have lyrics?

Yep, it's a glee club book -- all of them (120 indexed titles) have words.

Hello all.

If the gem which is the focus of this discussion has not yet become available to the group, I would be happy to send a copy of my (photo) copy of the "Complete Preceptor."

The date/edition of this copy is obscured by the (original?) retailer's tag, that of "W. G. Metzerott, Manufacturer and Importer of Musical Instruments and Sheet Music," of Washington D. C."

Three of four years back, a copy surfaced on eBay, and following the auction the seller also listed photocopies: I was successful in the less competitive latter effort.

Please inquire directly, as I do not visit this wonderful site as often as I ought; messages sent by way of my friend Chris Ownby should also reach me.

David Swarens.
Here is the whole book (THANK YOU DAVID)!
Cool -- thanks to both of you.
I think this is the link for downloading the Complete Preceptor:

Yes...there it is. Let's go!!

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