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This is my first attempt at simulating the sound I hear being played here. I am a clawhammer player and I'm trying to leave out some of the superfluous notes.
I ain't there yet but I gotta start somewhere huh?
I have marveled at Carl Anderton's playing @ u-tube for a few years and am enjoying perusing the vids here.

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Comment by Rob MacKillop on September 19, 2010 at 3:32pm
Hi Randy. I'm really glad you uploaded that. There is sometimes a fine line between clawhammer and old stroke style, and I'm not sure exactly where that line is. More experienced players will chime in, I'm sure. But what I do know is that you should head over to the Banjo Clubhouse (see link at top of this site), click on the picture of Converse's Analytical Banjo method, and download the book for free. Then start studying the master.

And, yes, Carl Anderton is a marvellous chap indeed...
Comment by Andy Chase on September 19, 2010 at 6:49pm
Sounds great Randy!

I'm another clawhammer player who's stumbled into this corner of the banjo world, and I do think the line between the stroke and frailing/clawhammer styles is muddy... more than anything I think the difference has to do with rhythm. Clawhammer is all about the momentum and consistency of the "bum-ditty", whereas stroke pieces often have all kinds of wonderful syncopation and/or rests that really help tunes to stand out from one another.


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