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A quick recording while waiting for the Christmas dinner guests to arrive...

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Comment by Leonidas (Lee) Jones on December 25, 2014 at 6:24pm
Great Paul! Man, nso much music, so little time.
Comment by Tim Twiss on January 12, 2015 at 9:25am

Yea....this was one missing from the 1886.  One thing I appreciate about the Analytical is that 20 years after that stuff was peaking, he comes out with this book. It seems a summary of the style. Of the many tunes he includes, he shifts up the titles a bit, but hits on all the tune "types". By this I mean something like "Get Up In De Morning" becomes "Carolina Reel" but encompasses so many of the Briggs in that style. He does the same for Philadelphia Jig  and so on. Tunes like "Camptown" and "Boatman" show a certain degree of variation as may have been implemented by individuals.....using rolls and other ornamentations. He also takes time to define all this in the beginning of the book. I like the way he even uses a reductionistic attitude to say "All banjo moves can be essentially defined by the Hammer and the Strike. I feel like this work is a pace where he works out this theory. In a way, he makes something simple complex. On the other hand, he makes something complex seem simple. I feel it reinforces the older tutors and their interpretation of style, and provides validity to even earlier conceptions of Stroke development. This view....his vast perspective, provides endless thought provoking ideas. I love this work. 


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