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I found this helpful. Wish it had been in HD, but it's clear enough.

I don't think the pull through after the wrap around would be good for gut strings, however, as many of them would unwrap a little.

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Comment by Trapdoor2 on August 11, 2010 at 12:03pm
Yah, I use a variation of this for tailpieces like that. I've also used it for Stewart "Common Sense" TPs...but with those I'll usually tie a "stopper" knot in the tag end to ensure any slippage doesn't create a catastrophe.
Comment by Joel Hooks on April 20, 2023 at 9:58am

For some reason the video does not show up for me.

That said, all of the videos I have seen on attaching strings have been WAY too complicated.

For connecting to the peg I like to use the method taught in the Christopher Parkening Guitar Method, Alice Artzt has a video showing this method.  Basically you put the string end through the hole, then twist it a couple/few times around the part that goes to the tail piece, then tighten.  Very easy.  No slipping and no excess winding. 

For attaching to the tailpiece there are basically 4 methods depending on the tailpiece. 

Stopper knot.  If there is a hole, use a stopper knot.  If that hole is to large then tie it on like a Spanish guitar tie block. If there is a notch, use the stopper knot in the notch, most tailpieces with this will have a bar that the string will wrap around (like the L&H tailpiece).

If there are posts, use a figure 8 knot and loop the lower part of the 8 over the post.  No end stopper knots needed, I've not had one slip.  

For any version of the "no knot", use the no knot feature.  This goes for the Elite tailpieces, and various versions of the Kershner, as well as any others that use this (like FVE).  No stopper knot needed (well, I've not had one slip on me).

The Cook's Patent "Sure Grip" (and some Kershner) use binding cams.  They are pretty self-explanatory.  These tailpieces have in the past been called "cammed no knots" in error. 

That is it!  No bowline knots with large loops looking ugly, no burning with cigarettes or matches, and no tying onto the pegs.


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