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At 2:33pm on February 17, 2017, Anthony J Adamski said…

Welcome Ken! See you at Midwest Banjo Camp. 


At 3:32pm on February 17, 2017, Ken Perlman said…

Thanks Tony. Do you know about our new minstrel program, with instructors Greg C Adams and Seth Swingle? What's the best way for us to get word about that to the folks who frequent this site? Ken 

At 6:36pm on February 22, 2017, Anthony J Adamski said…

Not sure. Ask Al Smitley.  I plan on attending some of Greg's workshops. I just ordered a Bell Boucher model.


At 7:03am on February 23, 2017, Ken Perlman said…

How do I get in touch with Al Smitley?

At 11:41am on February 27, 2017, Al Smitley said…

Ken:  Still trying to get in touch with me?  If so,....    alsmitley@gmail.com

At 12:56pm on March 6, 2017, Ken Perlman said…

Yes, hi Al. I'm a director of Midwest BAnjo Camp and we've put in a full-time Minstrel banjo program this year for the first time, with instructor Greg Adams assisted by Seth Swingle. We'd like to get word on this to your membership and wonder if there is an appropriate way. We would like to continue with the program from year to year but of course can only do so if we get enough takers . . .



At 5:08pm on March 6, 2017, Al Smitley said…

Ken, I'm confused.  I'm merely an occasional participant on this website and not one who has any 'pull' or authority.  Have you contacted John Masciale?  I think he is the one who maintains the Minstrel Banjo site.  If he's not the one to contact, I'm sure Greg Adams would know who is best to consult. Good luck.

At 5:17pm on March 6, 2017, Strumelia said…

Ken, for starters, you can click on "Events" link at top and put in the event yourself.  Include a website link and maybe some basic facts.  Then you can also start a discussion thread in the site Forum (with descriptive title like "Midwest Banjo Camp 2017") for folks to post back and forth here about it with more info, pix, etc.

At 5:18pm on March 6, 2017, Ken Perlman said…

Thanks. I'll do that!! Best to you. Ken

At 5:40pm on February 17, 2018, M'lou Brubaker said…

Hi Ken, thanks for writing!

   I am learning tunes from your older melodic clawhammer book, and also from Weidlich's Converse and Briggs' books, and Bob Flesher's books, and another older clawhammer book by Eric Muller and Barbara Koehler. I had to learn a less chord-intense style when my left hand was injured a few years ago and I could not reach the more spread-out chords any more. So I first went to fretless, and then started in on your book, which I really like.

  I have realized that I can reach things better on a shorter scale instrument, so I am making a fretless that will fit me, and plan to buy a parlor banjo for tunes that will work better with frets. I will be able to reach things better that way. (I know I can capo up on a regular size banjo and get the same scale, but that 5th string peg then being at the third fret just feels so wrong!)

    Ride sharing might be an option, if it can be worked out. I am up near Grand Rapids Minnesota, northwest of Duluth. I haven't asked around yet among the Bluegrass folks here to see if anyone is going. I don't even know any Old Time players around here.

   We have a few months to see if a ride share will turn up. I'll ask around up here, and maybe you can keep me in mind as people's registrations come in. So! I will register! See you in June! Thanks for being so welcoming.

    -  M'lou Brubaker. (Pronounced “muh-LOO”, as in Skip to M'lou My Darling”.!

At 1:14pm on June 1, 2019, Anthony J Adamski said…


What a wonderful article on Cathy in Banjo Newsletter. I don't have your email so I send my thank you via this site.

Tony Adamski

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