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At 10:36pm on September 13, 2011, Mark Kinan said…

If you are ever so inclined, maybe make a few more videos like your "Selections from Septimus Winner's New Primer for the Banjo" for us beginners.  I found that very helpful.  You know, the easy stuff.


At 5:11am on September 14, 2011, Greg Adams said…

Thanks, Mark! I am inclined but just lack the time. Have you had a chance to work through our instructional videos? http://minstrelbanjo.ning.com/page/lessons 

If they are in anyway helpful, please let us know!

At 4:00pm on November 14, 2011, Roberta Perkins said…

Thanks, Greg: I'm looking forward to nailin' "Briggs Corn Shucking Jig":-)

At 7:20pm on January 10, 2012, William J. Graham, III said…

Hi Greg,

Glad you are still plunking away.  I still have the Boucher and built a copy to play at living history.  The old one sounds and plays better.  I recently bought a Vega Whyte Laydie 1927 plectrum and converted it to five-string.  I use it for more modern playing.  I have an ancient Dobson with nylon strings and it plays great.


At 10:24am on May 25, 2012, Andy Gelfert said…

Greg, thank you for encouraging me to come to the Antietam Early Banjo Gathering. I am just begining to be exposed to what you might consider "standard" music (most of what I have played has been hymns, and a few of the most popular tunes such as Home Sweet Home, and Long, Long Ago) however, I believe it would be a wonderful experience. I was tentitively asked to lead the Church service at Corbit's Charge on June 24, however, they have not yet confirmed this. At worst I would miss Sunday. Also, I see that there will be a class in reference to guitar, which I do also play, and am very interested in learning more about period aspects. Thank you again.

At 3:14am on September 4, 2012, Sule Greg Wilson said…

Hey there!  That movie shoot go okay?

At 10:36am on January 6, 2014, Michael Bean said…

Hey Greg! Hope you're staying warm. Finally getting around to order a banjo from Terry Bell and I remember you discussing some new "red" strings that have come out recently, but I cannot seem to remember the specifics. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

At 10:43am on June 3, 2014, William J. Graham, III said…

Hi Greg,

I am trying to determine if any fretted banjos (as we know them today) existed during the War Between the States 1861-1865.  All I ever see are fretless ones.

At 5:04pm on October 14, 2014, Susan Chumley said…

Hey Greg. Made it all the way through Juba today! Not perfectly but I understand what I am doing. Already saving for the banjo upgrade. ;-)

At 6:56am on June 28, 2015, Mark Osterman said…

Thanks Greg. I am not really one for joining groups, but thought this looked interesting. The funny thing is hours after joining I was contacted by someone who has a vintage fretless banjo to sell. I haven't bought a fretless banjo in about twenty years. 

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