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Thought I would introduce myself as I am new to this site.


I have been playing tenor banjo for roughly three years, an outgrouth of my interest in guitar, mandolin and banjo mandolin.. My focus musically is pre WW2 blues and have been surprised to learn that the banjo can be a terrific blues instrument.... I had been away from self-made music for quite a few years so when I began playing guitar again it led to other stringed instruments and the banjo really  struck a nerve.


I am not a scholar but I have a sneaking suspicion that nothing worthwhile has been invented since the great depression. When I stumbled on web sites devoted to minstrel banjos I decided  I just have to have one of those fretless things. And as a wood-be wood worker I just have to build it myself. So anyway I hope to glean some information from more experienced builders and players of fretless banjos. I was frankly surprised when I first became familiar with the sound of a fretless banjo. Although I may have heard one or two in years past I didn't have enough interest to listen closely. I had been holding off joining this group until I decided what mistrel banjo style I am going  to model mine after. But since I received the Gura and Bollman history for Christmas I am ready to get serious..


Looking forward to gleaning whatever I can from you folks.


Bart McNeil



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