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I was at a civil war event this past weekend.  Elaine and I were contracted to do some performances and to do a school day presentation for 600 students.  There was another musician there who was very talented, and could play a number of instruments.  However...

He pulls out an 1890s banjo, and says that it is one.  However he then says that this is the same as the banjos of the civil war era.  He then told the kids he would play in a civil war era style, and proceeded to play in a…


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Per our discussion at the conference I've added a page named AEBG where we can do things specifically for the conference.

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The Battle for Christmas

I've been readingThe Battle for Christmas.  Here is an interesting excerpt about Christmas theatre in Philadelphia in 1843


"The matinee performance at the National Theatre opened with a drama, George Barnwell,continued with a blackface show The Original Virginia Minstrels, and ended with another drama, King of the Mist.  The Ach Street Theatre matinee opened with  Hunter of the Alps, continued with a Comic Song,  and concluded with the…


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Mail settings in Windows Explorer

I've been having problems with getting my list of friends to appear on the Inbox/Compose section,  using windows explorer.  I now have it figured out.  Under the menu bar Tools for explorer I have selected Compatibility View.  My list of friends now appears.


However, when playing with this, I tried sending Elaine an I love you message, which apparently did not send.  However, if any of you got such a message from me.....   oops.  It was meant for Elaine.

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VA Hospital

This weekend we attended an event up in Milwaukee at the Old Soldier's Home.  There were representatives of American military from every war.  It was a very large event and well run.  Sadly, for a number of reasons it is likely to be the last time this event will occur.


Elaine, Elise and I were playing a little music on Saturday, and someone passing by overheard us, and asked if we would like to play for spinal injury patients on the top floor of the VA hospital there on the…


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When playing along with modern amplified instruments, my banjo was getting drowned out. The problem with using a mic was that it also picked up the other instruments.

I just tried using a Fishman V100 violin pickup, it works pretty well. I carved up a new bridge and embedded the pickup in the bridge. I can now be 'lectrified when I need to be.

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