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Well, I am going to try a set of the beef gut strings. Anybody else tried them?

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Is that beefore or after you got the beast's jawbone? Did you gut it? Beef-ore? Now I'm just stringing you along.

We can discuss it further at the next meating.

You made me cower with at that one! But you better steedy yourself because my response will be celestial. Yup, my responses will be meatyallright.
Funny, but....yes I have, Tim! I tried them on a lute once. They last longer, generally, but have more of the fundamental, fewer upper partials, and therefore can on some instruments, sound a bit dull. But you will never know until you try. The cute thing is that they are supplied by a company called Toro...
It would be toro-bull if they don't work!

The "Report an Issue" link at the bottom of the page includes places to select "Fraud",  "Spam",

"Abuse".....but not "Puns"...Not yet anyway...

This is a tough thread to digest.  No bones about it.
That's it - I'm outta here - I'll be sinew

I guess you just lack the intestinal fortitude to continue. That's okay.

I've been chewing on this a while, and I have been moved to respond.  I've had to a-bridge what I was going to originally say, so let me regurgitate my thoughts.  I've got a beef about this thread.  Its been strung far too long.  At this point it is a pain in the tailpiece, and I'm going nuts. 


Maybe we should shoot the bull about this at the next conference?  After some of the discussion we've previously had,  it is apparent that for some of our members the issue of strings is a sacred cow.


Let us know how the beef guts work out.  In the mean time, I feel compelled to steer this forum to a higher standard. 

Cud we stop this now?

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